Visual artist Lauri Eriksson works mainly in the field of portraits, combining both social and cultural constructions. His most recent exhibition 22 cases of homelessness  was one of the Fotofinlandia finalists in 2016.

His work has been published widely in prestige national and international magazines (Zeit, Die Weltwoche, Das Magazin, Elle, Jalouse, Sleazenation, Madame Figaro, Esquire, Helsingin Sanomat, DU, Image) and exhibited in art galleries and museums at home and abroad. 

Eriksson has published art books, including Suomi Pictures, Bitter & Sweet  and a nonfiction book Hirvenvasa ja kerjäläinen about ancient artifacts. 

Lauri Eriksson has worked in the field of photography for over 25 years. Eriksson has studied in University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences. His studies include Social and Public Policy and Art History. Eriksson is a visiting lecturer in Aalto University of Art and Design and Lahti University of Applied Sciences.


Curriculum Vitae
Lauri Eriksson



Working on a Master´s thesis in Art History, University of Helsinki, 2019

Bachelor of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki, 2018
Major: Social and Public Policy, University of Helsinki
Minor: Art History, Basic and Intermediate Studies, University of Helsinki
Minor: Quantitative and qualitative research methods, University of Helsinki
Drawing School, University of Helsinki, 2015

Visiting Lecturer

1996-2016  Aalto University, Photography
2006-2016  Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Photography
2000-2002  Turku University of Applied Sciences, Photography

Exhibitions/ Selected

2016 «22 tapausta asunnottomuudesta», Northern Photographic Centre, Oulu (solo),
2016 «22 tapausta asunnottomuudesta», Espoo Cultural Centre, Espoo (solo)
2016 «22 tapausta asunnottomuudesta», Galleria Zebra, Raasepori (solo)
2016 «22 tapausta asunnottomuudesta», Photographic Centre Nykyaika, Tampere (solo)
2016  «Fotofinlandia» (group)
2016 «22 tapausta asunnottomuudesta», Mikkeli Centre of Photography, Mikkeli (solo)
2016 «Arkeologisia luonnoksia», Mikkeli Centre of Photography, Mikkeli (solo)
2015 «22 tapausta asunnottomuudesta», Kaapelitehdas,Turbiinisali, Helsinki, solo
2015 «Still Life Studies», with Perttu Saksa, Kaapelitehdas, Jukka Male Museo, Helsinki, group
2014 «Julkista ja henkilökohtaista», Lasipalatsi, Helsinki, solo
2014 « Twenty One Portraits», Galleria Uusi Kipinä, Kenno, Lahti, solo
(Invited artist by Association of Artist Photographers in Lahti.)
2013 « Ministeri, Gorilla, Ystävä ja Ohikulkija», VB Photographic Centre, Kuopio, solo
2012 « Polaroid» The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, group
2010 « Image 25 -Portraits» Culture Tram, Helsinki, group
2006 « Ice Breakers»  Gallerie 1ère Station – Espace d’Art Contemporain, Paris, group
2005 « Bitter & Sweet»,  Korjaamo Gallery, Helsinki, solo
2005 « Vice Photo Exhibition» Riche, Stockholm, group
2005 « Celeste» Lando Gallery, Mexico City, group
2004 « Big Boys »,VB Photographic Centre, Kuopio, solo
2004 « Syöpä nyt » Design Museum, Helsinki, group
2002 « Suomi Pictures » Rocket Gallery, Tokyo, solo
2001 « Suomi Pictures» Design Museum, Helsinki, solo
2000 « World Expo 2000 », European Pavilion, Hannover, group
1998 « Skin Deep » Zone Gallery, Helsinki, solo
1996 « Snapshots From Suitcase » Zone Gallery, Helsinki, solo


2017 « Hirvenvasa ja kerjäläinen»
Kustannusosakeyhtiö Nemo (Lauri Eriksson, Visa Immonen ja Markus Hiekkanen)

2012 « Ich habe einen Traum» Zeit (Several artists)

2006 « Bitter & Sweet»
Kustannusosakeyhtiö Nemo (Monograph)

2001 « Suomi  Pictures »
Kustannusosakeyhtiö Nemo (Monograph)

2002 « Hundred Portraits in Alphabetical Order »
Cristoph Merian Verlag (Several artists)

2005 « Muodin Ikuistajat – Muotivalokuvaus Suomessa »
Taik (Several photographers)


2016 Arts Promotion Centre Finland
2002 Finnish Cultural Foundation
2002 Arts Council of Finland, Quality Support for Publications of Photographic Art

Public Works

Tatu Rauhamäki, 2013, Chairman of the board, portrait, Helsinki Region Transport, HSL
Timo Jaatinen, 2013, Chairman of the board, portrait, Helsinki Region Transport, HSL
Risto Rautava, 2018, Chairman of the board, portrait, Helsinki Region Transport, HSL

Prizes and nominations

2016 Fotofinlandia prize nomination